Lip Enhancement

Enhance your lips
for a fuller pout

Add volume and definition to your lips with quality lip plumping injections.

Lips can say so much even when no words are spoken. The way lips look can affect the expression of the whole face. So, what makes a person’s lips beautiful or attractive? You might assume that it’s a case of “you know it when you see it,” but research tells us that certain characteristics are increasingly identified with lips we consider beautiful: natural-looking fullness; well-defined borders; a soft, smooth appearance.

The Restylane and other products I use work in several ways to give you the natural, beautiful, long-lasting results you want – immediately. Enhancing your upper and lower lips adds natural-looking fullness and balance to the body of your lips—it’s the most common enhancement women seek.

Treatment to the border of your lips provides a crisp, well-defined shape and improves contour and definition. Addressing your lips’ texture and smoothness results in soft, natural smooth lips.

Filling the lines and wrinkles caused by smoking and pursing your lips, and enhancing the area immediately above the lips creates a smoother, fresher overall appearance.

Unlike other fillers, Restylane products include a local anesthetic for added comfort and the best possible treatment experience.



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