Acne treatment

Achieve a clearer compexion

Get great results and tackle the distressing condition of acne.

Acne affects 5% of women and 1% of men over 25 and therefore it is not a condition solely reserved for teenagers and young adults as many assume. Acne treatments help to improve the appearance of your acne and often achieve better results than over-the-counter acne specific products.

I offer advanced acne treatment using a specifically designed programme lasting 24 weeks. Results are seen within a month. BiRetix Duo, a retinoid gel, reduces black heads, kills bacteria and reduces swelling. The gel is complemented by a home peel and face mask. I have had many happy customers on this regime.

If we can reduce spots then scarring will stop. Pre-existing scars can be reduced using the genuine Dermaroller.

acne treatment


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