Anti-Wrinkle Therapy

Smoother, younger looking skin

Give your facial features a more youthful look with our anti wrinkle therapy

Botulinium toxin forms the basis of anti-wrinkle treatments. It has been used medically since the 1970’s for the treatment of squints, spasm of muscles and more recently bladder and oesophagus issues.

We divide the face into 3 areas: ‘glabellar’ between the eyes, ‘frontalis’ the forehead lines and ‘crows feet’ around the outer eye.

It takes up to 14 days to completely work and will last 3-4 months.
Don’t worry if you are apprehensive about needles. We can take our time and you should not have a problem.

This treatment is suitable for conditions such as crows feet, frown lines & looking tired.

anti-wrinkle treatment


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