About Dr. Camilla Hill Facial Aesthetics

All treatment is carried out by leading facial aesthetics practitioner, Dr. Camilla Hill at our state of the art clinic in Worcestershire

Welcome,  Dr. Camilla Hill is a professional cosmetic therapist practice which helps men and women achieve a natural fresher and younger look, giving proportion and harmony to their features.

Relax in a private clinic, set within 10 acres of rolling Worcestershire countryside which offers optimal privacy to clients and generous appointment times meaning clients rarely overlap

The whole appointment from the taking of a detailed clinical history and discussion of your needs will be undertaken by Dr. Camilla Hill herself.  Having practiced medicine for 25 years, Dr. Camilla Hill can reassure you that techniques, products and equipment are to the highest standards.

Rest assured any questions or even doubting fears will be addressed so that you feel totally at ease. The treatment programme is discussed in detail with each client and tailored to individual needs we would rather build upon treatments gradually and review changes over time ensuring the best natural looking outcome.

If you are nervous feel free to bring a friend. If you have a needle phobia, don’t worry –  this is worked around all the time!

about Dr. Camilla Hill Facial Aesthetics
about Dr. Camilla Hill Facial Aesthetics

About me

Hello! My name is Dr. Camilla Hill and I am a professional aesthetic doctor who prides herself on providing a friendly, personal and professional service to my clients.

I have just turned 50 and attended Birmingham Medical School, graduating in 1990. I have over 27 years’ medical experience. I was a full-time GP and for the last 10 years, I have been a medical consultant for Bupa. In 2014 I trained to be an aesthetic doctor and I love it!

I am a sole practitioner so I answer the phone, deal with queries and do the procedures. I have an IT clerk assist me and if required a registered nurse for complicated cases.

Anyone is welcome in my clinic, whether male or female and of any age. My medical knowledge, however, attracts many middle-aged or older women who have woken up one day and decide they need to make changes. I also have a number of mature male clients who are back on the dating scene and eager to look their best!

I am totally compassionate and honest in my opinions. Everyone wants to look better, be natural and for no one to notice – quite a tight rope! I managed this balance well and my ladies and gentlemen leave with a boost in confidence and self-esteem.


If you have any questions or would like to enquire about any of our treatments please do not hesitate to contact us on 07864 922 453 / dr@drcamillahill.co.uk. Alternatively, get in touch via the contact page.